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About The Book

This book of poetry has no rhyme or meter.  


What this book is not is the work of literary genius. Nor are these words of an enlightened soul.  


All it has is the summation of experiences, some lived, a few observed.  


All it has is a sharing of a journey that has moved from being tightly bound, to gradually removing the shackles, one at a time.  


All it has is the intention of lightening the load of a weary heart. 


All it offers are blessings, for the reader to find peace and joy.

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   The Author

Enso, is a circle of togetherness, symbolising the beginning and the end of all things. 


The very shape that makes the circle imperfect in the unmeasured stroke of a brush is what makes the Enso beautiful.  

Each interpretation of the Enso is left to the viewer. 


It is a moment of creation and acceptance of what emerges, as an Enso can’t be undone, and has to be created in a single stroke.