Will I, shiver, shake, shun or shame

Or lie through my rotting teeth

Will I, choke, chide, charge and cheat

Or cling to my last heartbeat

Will I, rave, rage, rant and ravage

Or Turn as pale as a sheet

Will I, beg, betray, and beat

Or Wage a war, accept defeat

Oh fear, the events you pause

Oh dear, the incidents you cause

Oh fear, how you make me toss

Oh dear, you have me at a loss

The knots in my stomach

Do not let me digest

The knots in my heart

Do not let me forget

The knots in my mind

Do let me never rest

A prisoner of thee

I want to break free

I am the jailor and the jailed

No one else can have me bailed

Oh fear, please

Give me sweet release