Dear anxiety

Your best friends

Fear and guilt

Accompany you

Fuelled by imagination

You steal all the peace

Oh this happened, fear reminds

Worry, worry, sweat, sweat

The past haunts

Stories of things gone wrong

The future daunts

Visions of sorrows unfold

A real incident

But may occur once

In the head though

Many occur a million times

The mind and body

Know not

The difference

Between the real and the unreal

Reacting the same way

As if the event happened

The body panics

The mind suffers

Tired and weary

Wanting to run away

Where to, known not

Just far far, from here

This moment right now

Has no issues

But lost in the woes

The bliss is gone

Deep inside it is known

It is a madness that prevails

Wishing to just let go

But held back by guilt

Pain is inevitable

Suffering is optional

This piling of events

Makes a mountain of a molehill

So dear guilt and fear

Please vacate this house

There is no more room

Your lease is over

For new tenants arrive

They, who can't live, with you

One goes by the name of Love

And whose friend is called Peace