Can you hear them

The talk of the trees

Look at them

As they whisper their tales

Some love company

Others want to be left alone

Each tree is almost

Like a friend unknown

Can you hear them

The song of the birds

Listen to them

As they whistle their tales

Some sing for love

Some for food

Some call to you

If you just hear

Can you feel it

The embrace of the breeze

Feel it

The dear old friend

Gives a warm hug

When you are low

Cools you down

When you are heated

Can you feel it

The power of the sun

Feel the rays fall

Blessing and nourishing

Showers you

With warm love

Lights your life

Heals your soul

Nature talks to you

If you can listen

In absolute solitude

In complete stillness

He who walks the earth

Connected to the soil

He may be alone

But can he be lonely!