One day the one

Without beginning or end

Got bored

Of a perfect existence

To enjoy himself

He wrote a play

As he was one

With no second

Who could play

But he himself

Multiplying himself

Into infinite pieces

He became the board

The soldiers, the queen

Entangled and engrossed

In his own game

He forgot that he was

His own reality

He mourned

The death of a pawn

He cried over

The defeat of the bishop

Addicted to his own story

He played over and over

He suffered as he played

He laughed as he won

Till bored of it all

He looked around

In amazement and asked

Where am I

Lost in a world

He could not recognize

Determined to find his way

He followed clues

Left by his own self

He awoke to his true self

Laughing loudly

At the cosmic joke

He came back

To teach and love

And to remind

Those who forgot

It did not matter

How much time

It did not matter

How many lives

For all to see

The truth in plain sight

It did not matter

What the outcome

For when this play ended

It would be break time

And then it would be time

For the next play to begin