Forgive, not because, you are supreme

Forgive, for holding on, is not worth it

Forgive, for you do not, the other a favour,

Forgive, for you are being kind to your own self

Forgive for, the bitterness of anger and revenge

Only seeps and pollutes your own being

Forgive, for you know not the fore story or the after story

The causes that culminated in that point of time

Forgive, for you have not been completely free

Of the same fault all your life

Forgive, for your deeds may have not have been

According to the thoughts you hold

Forgive, for this moment

Is perfect and complete as it is

Forgive, for only he may cast a stone

Who has never sinned

Forgive, for what you give

Comes back manifold, light and free

Forgive, wash away your faults

Cleanse yourself in the tears that flow