Free Spirit

She trusted blindly

Knew when to

She travelled alone

On impulse

Left the house open to strangers

No doors locked

The world was nonplussed

This is not the ways of the world

What a crazy girl she is

Careless to the core

Irresponsible they called her

“I hope she knows what she is doing?”

She followed her heart

Without questioning much

The answers were within her

The angels deserted her

When she had not the courage to follow

So follow she did

Paying no heed to the rules of the world

She broke a few hearts

And broke her own, without remorse

She questioned the trodden path

And forged her own

Unheard of, to do so, time and again

They saw that all was well

But asked – “I hope she knows what she is doing?”

She said it as she saw it, mincing no words

Did not lie, no matter the price

Did not cheat, no matter the temptation

The angels saw and put magic in her tongue

Her words started becoming reality

She made no efforts to make money

But the money followed

She made no efforts to make friends

But true relationships happened

Oh she makes it all look so easy, it must be luck

They saw that it worked for her

But asked “I hope she knows what she is doing?”

She gave the kids love

Her actions not based on fear

Oh what a terrible mother

She does not love them at all

They fall and she laughs

No running to hug and comfort

She makes them work

When she can afford the best help

She teases and prods and makes them cry

She does not care about their scores

Or the numerous classes that abound

They saw the kids happy

But asked “I hope she knows what she is doing?”

She lived true to her own soul

Hid no feelings, bared it all,

No pretence, no penance

No shame, no guilt

Not seeking approval

Evolving each day

She bloomed

A thousand petalled lotus

Giving her all, to all that came her way

A heart full of love, a free spirit