In Gratitude

To all the causes and conditions that brought this book together. To Lead Mechery, who edited this book on short notice. As he insists, all the faults in the book are attributed to him. ☺

To all the people who have worked tirelessly, making my life easier and enabling me to have the luxury of time, to work on this book. To my best friend and husband, Kalyan, for always encouraging me to find my purpose and supporting me in uncountable ways. To my children, Rishab and Trisha, for being so loving and accommodating in spite of my unconventional ways. To my wonderful parents, who showed the meaning of life, by their simplicity, piousness, and service. To Sampath and Madhavi, who have been an incredible support for anything I have ever wanted to do in my life, without expecting anything in return. To my mother in law who has never demanded anything of me, but to be happy. To my father in law who is a great artist and a great poet, and yet finding joy in my work, and encouraging me with his kind words. To Govardhan, Vamsi, Praveen, Sathi, Gangadhar, Asha, Deepika, Loki, Vasu, Teja for filling my life with joy. To my dear mentors and friends, Siri, Rajen, Gyalpo, Lisa, Sonia, Daphne, Meenakshi, Prateek, Manoj, Ratnesh, Nitya, Roshni, Reena, Rajesh, Gunjan who have encouraged me to write and express myself. Many of you have egged me on, to publish what I have written. Without that push and encouragement, this book would never have seen the light of the day. I may have left out a lot of names, but please know that deep inside I am always indebted and grateful.