New Born

Million worries haunt

Thousand things to do

For two minutes

Leave them at the door

Reverting to the mind

Of a new born

Look with unseeing eyes

At the world anew

Watch labels disappear

A bird no more a bird

Observe judgements dissolve

For the child does not know

No language known

No criticism or praise

No yesterday or tomorrow

Not even the today or now

No parents or relatives

To love or hate

No I, no he or she

No enemy or friend

No country to belong to

No philosophy to expound

No culture to save

No wealth to accumulate

No religion to preach

No people to please

No beliefs, no constructs

No ideas, no notions

Shed all knowledge

Bliss in ignorance

Drop arising thoughts

Rest, relax, right now

The still mind clear

Like clean water in a pond

Gaze into it

And you meet You