I bought a car

A jaguar

Oh boy, Oh boy

What great joy

Parked it under a tree

Stepped into a café for coffee

Envious eyes on me

Ah! What glee

When I came out

I wanted to shout

A scratch and a dent

Wrath spent

Sorrows untold

Miseries unfold

I have a beautiful palace

Nothing about it commonplace

Thieves in the neighbourhood

Padlock I should

Not enough a double door

Security and more

A sound outside

Pressure rises inside

Nightmares hound

Diseases abound

The cause was stress

My life was a mess

I was sold

To a cage of gold

Bound by metal and sand

Captured by a piece of land

I listened to the story

An enlightened king of full glory

In a debate

With a renunciate

The news came running

Of the palace burning

The king sat unattached

His poise unscratched

The sage created a racket

To save his blanket

Aha! I have learnt

What this story meant

What matters not

Is what I have got

What possessions I possess

What matters is

My mind’s bliss

Does me, my possession possess