The Journey

The start of the journey

The first stage

Unaware, unconscious

No morality or compassion

Selfishness abounds

Physical and egotistic desires rule

Addicts in denial

Wreaking havoc

Can’t change

For they can’t see

Blaming the external

Blind to their own

Slowly, the negative effects

Come to light

Of the self-centered being

Wants and desires still dominate

But now and then awake

Repents, regrets the ways

Seeing the faults clearly

Wanting to grow

The addiction still too strong

Needing strong medicine

Then the person tastes

The Joy of the spirit

Motivated by service

Follows ideal values

Though not free of desire

Intention reduces the ego

Compassion rules

Creativity reigns

Action is moral

Emotionally mature

In the fourth stage

The seeker is at peace

Desires vanish

Attachments unbind

The ego starts to dissolve

The divine is closer

Difficulties are accepted

Equally with benefits

Self-boundaries disintegrate

Universal self dominates

In the fifth stage

Contentment reigns

Trials of life are welcomed

Realising them as gifts divine

The world is experienced

Differently than earlier

No more pleasure seeking

No avoiding pain

Gratitude rules

Bitter food tastes sweet

The sixth stage

Of sweet surrender

No fear, no desire

No free will

No more multiplicity

Inner unity

The world is whole

A single image

There is a marriage

Of the self and the divine

Very few reach

The final goal

Transcending the self

No ego left

Completely united

With the divine

It is clearly seen

That separateness

Is only an illusion

All that exists

Is only one Truth

Give it time

Give it space

The seed becomes a tree

Only when it is ready

Journey with joy

Journey with faith

Journey with love

Journey with patience

But journey you must

And journey you will