Why Me?

Why me

Why me

Why should I suffer so!

What could I have done

What have I done, for

I do suffer so!

I gave to all

I nourished the world

Ill health plagues me

Death haunts me

My near ones are gone

My wealth is done

Is it my karma

Is it my negligence

Is it my cross

Is it my fate

Did it happen to me

Or did I make it happen

Why me

I asked a monk

With kind eyes

He replied

Look around

What do you see

Are you the only one

Who suffers so

Do you see old age,

Do you see disease

Do you see fights

Do you see betrayals

Do you see death

In every house

Why me, you ask

Now let me ask

Why not you

Find the answers and

You will find

In spite of the

What and the why

You are free