Avantika Kumar

The Other Shore brings a blend of messages from spaces known and unknown. It touches both the stillness and purity of the clean canvas and the richness of the colourful life. The simplicity of the messages creates an instant connection and awakens the slumbering knowing of the being.  

The journey of this poetic expression begins with the taste of joy and bliss that abounds at the other shore - the knowing that sets one free. To cross over, see the Breath, hear the thoughts, get connected, and know the Journey. A seeker of the self will find solace in the wisdom of Bound, as it courses through our entanglements and detachments. 

A definite respite to the restless and wandering soul. This is a gift for fellow beings from the depth of the poet’s being.

Jinali Haria

The Other Shore and more takes you to that space of calm and expansiveness within you.
Every poem brings up so many layers of our own being to the surface, hidden in the dark and with our awareness, we bring them to light and see more clearly.
Beautiful poems that whisper to the soul to journey within to experience the truth, that it's here and now.

Lisa Carley Hotaling

You have a gift in your hands, these words, these incantations are offered to you as prayers. Each one is as much an invocation, a summoning of that which has lain dormant within you, as they are a benefaction, a bow for you to untie and feel secured to another’s heart, to find yourself less alone, less unmoored. 

Hold the pages in your hands and invite the words herein to dance with you. Feel the rhythm of your being and simply open to the page that calls you in return. In this way, you will be a co-creator with ENSO, a partner in bringing the words to life. 

It is my hope that these poems will both find you and dis-locate you, that these words both ground you in your humanity and remind you of the limitlessness from which you came.